Snow Removal

Snow removal makes a big impact locally

Sign up to be a snow shoveler by filling out our volunteer application and selecting "provide" under "snow shoveling." 

It keeps older adults and pedestrians safe while adhering to local laws. We connect neighbors for the shoveling season to support our older adults in keeping their walkways safe.

  • A Little Help Volunteers are connected with older adult neighbors for an entire snow shoveling season.
  • Once a volunteer has selected a home to help, they will contact the member to introduce themselves.
  • Volunteers will arrive to shovel after a snowfall of 2 inches or more to clear the member’s walkways so that they can have a safe path to welcome help into the home, get to the mailbox, and provide a clear sidewalk for passersby.
  • Once paired with a volunteer, members do not need to call in to make snow shoveling requests each time it snows within the season. 

Please remember that a volunteer may have a job or other obligations, so they may not be able to get to your home immediately after snow stops falling. Please allow 24 to 36 hours for walkways to be shoveled. 

If the weather service designates a Winter Storm Warning or if the temperature drops to an unsafe level, volunteers are asked to wait until it is safe for them to leave home. 

Thank you so much for volunteering to help keep our members connected to their community, your help is very much appreciated.