Partner With Us

A Little Help establishes partnerships that bring additional value to our members.  We do not want to reinvent the wheel, we know there are other experts that we can collobrate and work with to provide an impact to the older adults in our communities.

A Little Help works with a variety of partners and sponsors and we look forward to adding to that list.

Partner Consideration Criteria

  • Provides value to our members- enriches their lives Is based on an evidence-based model/research
  • Tracks outcomes that demonstrate impact and is willing to provide outcome reports to ALH Is possibly willing to track new outcomes with ALH
  • Is low to no cost to members
  • Has an opportunity to revenue share with ALH
  • Is willing to partner on grant proposals and provide language/letters of support
  • Does not require significant staff resources from ALH to carry out
  • Has marketing resources/language/templates to share to decrease the operational/marketing burden on ALH
  • Has a preview of the offering available for ALH staff to trial

Contact our Executive Director, Hilary Simmons if interested in partnering with A Little Help or learning more.

Sponsor an Event

If you would like to sponsor a specific event or program, just let us know- we are happy to partner with organizations to sponsor our largest event, Service Saturday, our virtual programs; Little Talks and Virtual Excursions, Summer Picnics, you name it. Have your corporate giving office contact us at

Current sponsorship opportunities:

A Little Help's Annual Reports

An example of our partnerships and the benefit to all involved: In partnership with DOROT in New York City, specially trained ALH volunteers also provide tech coaching for late adopters with material and programming tailored to older adults to bridge the digital divide. With this strong partnership in place, in part funded by the Consumer Technology Association Foundation, ALH is able to connect older members to additional value-add partners like Vivo to reverse age-related muscle loss and Silvernest to address affordable housing needs and social connection, help around home, and disposable income needs of older adults. Piloting these national partnerships sets up success more broadly as lessons learned are documented and utilized to fine-tune messaging and operationalization across ALH’s locations in Colorado and to other Villages nation-wide, for specific partnerships, as well as to template additional value-add, vetted partner opportunities that increase older members’ ability to age safely at home and improve upon social determinants of health. Support for this work has an exponential return on investment because of ALH’s long partnership with VtVN and their combined ability to share successes, challenges, and strategies among more than 350 Villages throughout the country, while setting up opportunities for collective action and aggregate impact data in the future.