Do volunteers need to register in advance?

Yes.  An event like this also takes a great deal of coordination and communication and it is greatly appreciated by staff and our older adult members if we have a very good idea of the number of volunteers/groups who will be helping. 

Our members look forward to this day and getting 'a lot of help' in the yard, so it is important that we do our best to communicate with them if they will be getting help.  On the Friday before the Service Saturday we call any members who are still on the map, meaning have not yet been chosen by a volunteer group.  It is at that time we inform our members that they may not be getting help on Saturday. 

We try not to turn away day of registration, as often there are homes that could use a few more people.  However, it may also be the case that all of our homes are taken and there is not a lot of work left to be done.