Indoor and Outdoor Help

We help with a variety of tasks in and around the home

We know many chores become difficult with age, illness, or injury. Sometimes we just need a little help to thrive at home. Volunteers can give help and advice with the tasks listed below.

Outdoor Help: Watering indoor and outdoor plants, weeding and planting, trimming shrubs and bushes with hand tools Raking leaves Shoveling snow (requests must be received by A Little Help by October for the coming winter. See our section on Snow Removal.

Indoor Help: Changing light bulbs, light cleaning - including sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting (on a monthly basis), making simple repairs with hand tools, helping with organization, hanging pictures, and changing furnace filters.

*For everyone’s safety, please note that our volunteers do not use power tools. We do not ask them to mow lawns, or cut branches with chain saws. We leave that to the professionals and are happy to provide a business referral.